The Israeli Ministry of Education launched a wide-scale initiative to cultivate teacher leaders in order to create a community of teacher leaders that makes a discernible contribution to the education system. This is accomplished by conveying and assimilating routines of the community of teachers that analyze teaching and learning processes and their development. This initiative aims to create a leadership network composed of teacher leaders active in a large number of educational frameworks in accordance with the communities of learning and practice approach. The initiative is based on the idea that the educational team at each school possesses the knowledge and experience to lead optimal professional development processes at its own school since its members know the needs and distinctive character of its school well and are equally familiar with the school’s human fabric. The initiative emphasizes identifying and training teacher leaders who can lead communities for professional development within the school, with a focus on strengthening the teachers’ teaching practices. The initiative focuses on establishing and maintaining community routines for peer teaching led by teacher leaders alongside deriving, developing, and preserving pedagogical knowledge and organizational memory regarding high-quality teaching and learning. The Israeli Ministry of Education’s Jerusalem district and rural, board school, and youth aliya department selected the Levinsky College of Education and the Maytiv Center of the School of Psychology at IDC Herzliya to jointly lead the initiative to cultivate teacher leaders in their districts.