The underlying concept of the program is that learning the best allows adoption of practices to motivate the people around us and to create optimal leadership that realizes managerial and business potential. The program puts a spotlight on the investigation of exceptional leaders, with the aim of learning from those endpoints that have demonstrated what good leadership can produce. Many organizations are out of their minds because human resources are the most important resource, but few do anything great to justify this value. In our view, it all begins with who the managers choose to be, with the behaviors they choose to demonstrate. The program offers participants a conceptual and practical experience in which we invite them to take responsibility and choose their most advanced actions in order to instill in their members meaning, interest, enthusiasm, engagement, resilience and enjoyment in a wide variety of everyday activities.

The program is based on innovative and influential scientific research evidence, focusing on learning and behavioral change of principals, emphasizing the self-realization, happiness and high performance of managers and their employees.

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