We all aspire to raise happy, content, kind, moral children who realize their heart’s desires, fulfill their potential, and experience a sense of flow and peak moments throughout their childhood. What role can positive psychology play in this? We are happy to present you with a distinctive program in positive psychology that is the companion to the Maytiv programs for the education system. This program is designed especially for the parents of the children and adolescents participating in Maytiv programs at schools. It introduces parents to the core principles of positive psychology that promote positive parenting and a positive, empowering atmosphere in the home and family domain. We believe that if the parents, educational staff, and pupils all jointly adopt the language of positive psychology this will deepen and intensify its positive influences and contribute significantly  to the well-being and happiness of both parents and children. The program includes nine experiential sessions that address key topics in positive psychology. At each two-hour sessions, we will learn, discuss, try out, and experience the language of positive psychology and its impact on our world and our children’s world. The program incorporates the latest knowledge and introduces practical tools to enhance well-being of parents and children as well as facilitates practicing and applying these tools in  the participants’ personal lives, as individuals and as part of a couple, and as parents in their relationships with their children.