“If you treat an individual as he is, he will remain as he is. But if you treat him as if he were what he ought to be and could be, he will become what he ought and could be.”


As part of a wide-ranging study, over 1.5 million esteemed managers and workers from 63 countries and 101 organizations were asked to what degree they succeed to express their strengths at work on a weekly basis. A total of 91% responded that they do not do so at all. The Maytiv program for personal flourishing aims to change the organization’s statistics on the utilization of the strengths of selected managers at the organization. Our goal in offering personal advising to executives is to create a fertile, effective environment that will help them fully realize their potential and thus join the small group of extraordinary leaders. These leaders invest the majority of their energy in leveraging their strengths and realizing their desires, as well as enabling their employees to do the same. These leaders see beyond what exists now and aim far while setting self-concordant goals that stem from their internal needs and strong interests and thus succeed to more fully utilize into their abilities. Finally, these leaders have fewer blind spots since they have greater self-awareness. They take proactive steps to enhance their approach and behaviors on a daily basis. We all have a wide variety of versions of ourselves, some of which we are proud of and some of which we would be happy to minimize. The goal of the personal advising is to enable us to be our best version of ourselves. The principles that guide us in personal advising, as well as the tools and methodologies, are the fruit of innovative, applied research in the field of positive psychology. In other words, this is advising based on proven academic research that has been found to be effective and meaningful for the individual and the organization.