What has not yet been said about the vital need for effective, optimal teamwork? It seems that in the twenty-first century, work groups are the beating heart of the organization. This places a fascinating paradox before us. On one hand, teams have indeed become more heterogenous, complex, digital, and dynamic, but on the other hand, their success and excellence still depends on a small group of factors based on research.

The program is built on the concept that highlighting the studies on excellent, outstanding teams in order to learn from these exceptional cases, which demonstrate just how far effective teams can go, will enable the team members to adopt the best practices to advance authentic, optimal communication patterns and thus achieve the team’s goals.

Cracking the DNA of an excellent team is vital to realizing the individual potential of its members as well as the team’s potential as a whole. In our view, everything begins with who the team members choose to be and the behaviors that they choose to adopt. The program offers participants a perceptual and applied experience in which we invite them to take responsibility and choose the actions that will advance them the most. These actions aim to cultivate the “working together” to create meaning, cooperation, creativity in problem solving, enthusiasm, and pleasure in a wide range of daily activities and not only in exceptional cases.

The program is based on the extremely influential findings of innovative, scientific research, with a focus on learning and behavioral change and an emphasis on self-realization, happiness, and high performance of the team members as individuals and as a group. During the program, the participants will practice, try out, experience, and bring to life the approach that, “the whole is greater than its parts.”