Pnina Keren, Vice President of Human Resources, Bank of Israel

The workshop, which was conducted by a group of about 25 of us, on the basis of positive psychology was so strong and effective that I do not remember a workshop whose results have so far influenced the organization’s culture and influence.
The circles of influence so far have reached more than 300 employees and in different ways. The climate is much more positive than in the past, which is reflected in the results of the organizational survey we conducted this year: there is an 18% increase in employee turnover! This is an unusual figure in any organization.
The leaders selected to study the Torah continue to deliver lectures in the various units. The game “Fargan Lee”, which was inspired by the course, continues to expand its influence on the game method and causes wordlessness to raise the awareness of employees and managers to the meaning of gratitude and gratitude.
Another team born after the workshop chose to engage in creativity and undertook to design public spaces in the new building, to which we will return according to the desire of the workers – a revolution in our organization. About two years after the course, the language and principles of positive psychology are still being discussed.
In conclusion
“Something positive and good happens in our organization”
There is no doubt that the workshop and the Torah that was implemented were far beyond our expectations in its implementation and caused a significant change in the organization, one that is sometimes difficult to achieve even in long-term intervention programs.
The full half began intensively to take the place of the empty half – and this is not a salutation.

Gilad Itach, VP Sales, yes

After an hour-long meeting with Shirley, I realized that it was the right thing for Yes’s sales department, and I was not wrong! Today, I can say that after an amazing program of seven inspirational meetings, the sales managers of the division have undergone a fundamental change in the way they look at their challenges and their personal management concept.
This is no longer a program where you can listen to lectures, do exercises and at best apply 10% … This is a program that changes the perception of life. It is a plan that anyone who is willing to embark on a journey (personal or professional)
The program was a great basis for the conceptual change that we are leading in the Division’s management avenue in a competitive and d