The Maytiv program for preschools revolves around the concept that the main channels for promoting well-being among young children are strengthening their self-image and positive relationships with others. The program therefore focuses on several domains that are meaningful in the child’s positive development: personal, interpersonal, educational, and family. In the personal domain, the program encourages expressing emotions, cultivating skills to manage and regulate emotions, strengthening positive thinking, and enhancing the child’s sense of self-esteem and self-efficacy. In the interpersonal domain, the program cultivates social skills such as: positive communication, creating sensitive interpersonal dialogue, gratitude, and focusing on the strengths of the child and others. In the educational domain, the program strives to promote a positive atmosphere in preschools, to strengthen relationships among the children in the preschool, and to strengthen relationships between the children and the educational staff. Finally, in the family domain, the goal is to enhance and strengthen the child’s positive communication channel with family members. To this end, the families of participants are introduced to the same positive psychology content as their children. This rich intervention program includes training preschool staff and a distinctive kit to incorporate positive psychology content into the preschool domain. Clinical and developmental psychologists from the Maytiv Center developed the program for preschool staff (teachers and aides). It includes a supplementary education program of 60 academic hours that extend over two academic years (there are 10 three-hour sessions each academic year). This program introduces the preschool staff to the principles of positive psychology and provides them with the opportunity to experience it personally. The program is offered in small groups with a maximum of 20 participants per group.